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Hello everybody, my name is Andrew Plante and as the CEO of Plante’s Innovations I would personally like to introduce Max Health, my supplement, to you.

Sportsmen's Edge

Max Health originally became available in 2007 under the name Sportsmen’s Edge. Sportsmen’s Edge was formulated by physicians as a high potency multivitamin multimineral supplement to increase the performance of sportsmen by enhancing certain traits such as Vision and Hearing. Unfortunately, Sportsmen’s Edge is no longer available, but the good news is that Sportsmen’s Edge has been enhanced even further due to recent medical research and made to support, not just sportsmen, but both men and women of all age groups. This ladies and gentlemen is Max Health!

Max Health was formulated by two Board Certified Physicians who spent 18 months performing in depth reviews of relevant studies published by recognized major medical journals.

Based on these studies the formula was specifically designed to meet or exceed 100% of the recommended daily allowances of the most crucial vitamins, supplements, and minerals that support the following 8 physical functions: Vision, Hearing, Cognitive Concentration, Circulation, Stamina, Cold Tolerance, Prevention of Altitude Sickness, and of course General Health maintenance.

What sets Max Health apart from all other name brand eye or multivitamins available is the dedication to proper research, the use of only high-quality ingredients from our manufacturer, and Max Health’s incredible value.

For example, let’s look at eye health and macular degeneration prevention. A study was conducted on age related eye diseases, the ARED study, and it showed that Macular Degeneration (the process of the Macula slowly deteriorating with age) can be significantly reduced with proper supplementation. This was quite a discovery as macular degeneration causes loss in the center of the field of vision. Such as blurriness, dark spots, or white spots and can eventually cause legal blindness. With Max Health you will receive the proper supplementation that was proved in the ARED studies that will keep your eyes and your body and 6 other physical functions “Max-imized”. Look below at the pages available to learn more about Max Health.





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