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Max Health

Smart Supplementation

Hello everybody, my name is Andrew Plante and as the CEO of Plante’s Innovations I would personally like to introduce Max Health, my supplement, to you.

Sportsmen's Edge

Max Health originally became available in 2007 under the name Sportsmen’s Edge. Sportsmen’s Edge was formulated by physicians as a high potency multivitamin multimineral supplement to increase the performance of sportsmen by enhancing certain traits such as Vision and Hearing. Upon recent medical research Sportsmen’s Edge has been enhanced even further and made to support, not just sportsmen, but both men and women of all age groups.

This ladies and gentlemen is Max Health!

Max Health supports the following functions:



Immune Function


Cognitive Concentration

Altitude Tolerance

Cold Tolerance

Max Health


Proven Research

If you’d like to look at the research of Max Health yourself or maybe just want to learn something new today, then you’ve come to the right place. If you scroll down you will find a "View Research" pdf file, which shows the research and studies that prove why Max Health enhances the listed 8 physical functions. This is the work from two Board Certified Physician’s when originally formulating Sportsmen’s Edge. This research consists of 18 months in deep review of relevant studies published by Major Medical Journals, such as The Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA. In result, I must warn you it is quite a long file at 265 pages and it also carries a hunting/sportsmen theme. In result of the length, it may need a minute or two to load.

On the flip side, for an easy read, if you’d like to look which supplements and or vitamins contribute to what physical functions are enhanced, all you need to do is scroll down to the file “Formula by Physical Functions”. Last but not least, you will find an overview of the Age-Related Eye Disease Studies or AREDS which is a proven study that shows certain Age-Related Eye Diseases can be hindered with proper supplementation directly below. If you’d like to read about the studies in detail you can click on the provided links to the Jama Network for the full scholarly articles.

ARED Studies

The two ARED studies outlined below show that Macular Degeneration, the process of the Macula slowly deteriorating with age, can be significantly reduced with proper supplementation. This was quite a discovery as Macular Degeneration causes loss in the center of the field of vision. Such as blurriness, dark spots, or white spots and can eventually cause legal blindness. With Max Health you will receive the proper supplementation that was proved in the ARED studies that will keep your eyes, your body. and 6 other physical functions “Max-imized”.

The original ARED study was conducted through the years 1992-2001. Over 3,600 participants were enrolled in the study and on average were followed for 6.3 years. The objective was to evaluate the effect from high doses of vitamins C and E, Beta Carotene, and Zinc supplements on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and visual activity. Depending on the participants original eye condition this 9-year period yielded that proper supplementation reduces the risk of AMD 28%-34% with the statistics calculated at a 99% confidence interval.


The ARED study 2 was conducted through the years 2006-2012. Over 4,200 participants were enrolled with the objective of determining whether adding supplements Lutein and Zeaxanthin, omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, or both to the AREDS formula further decrease the risk of AMD and also to explore the effect of eliminating Beta Carotene and varying all ingredients dosages. The results primarily found that eliminating Beta Carotene neither raised nor lowered the risk of AMD but eliminating Beta Carotene made the formula safer as more lung cancers were noted in the Beta Carotene vs no Beta Carotene group, mostly in former smokers.

JAMA Network AREDS 2

All in All

What sets Max Health apart from all other name brand eye or multivitamins available is the dedication to proper research, the use of only high-quality ingredients from our manufacturer, and Max Health’s incredible value. The truth is some supplement and or vitamin companies use the industries typical marketing schemes to get the public to buy their product rather than gain the trust of their customers by scientifically backing their formulas. Max Health was formed with this in mind and aims to oppose this idea. The question is, will the public continue to believe the supplement industries marketing schemes and lack of actual education on their product or will the public believe in a supplement with backed research, like Max Health.


Brand Comparison

Max Health was created to provide superior supplementation for your body overall but to also target multiple advantageous functions. For example, immune health can be supported with correct supplementation just as the product Airborne aims to do but why support only one trait in your body when you can support multiple? Max Health was made to do exactly this and do it well! In result, the formula of 32 supplements, vitamins, and minerals enhance 8 physical functions which allows Max Health to be offered at a great value because some supplements, vitamins, and minerals can aid your body in multiple ways. This can be seen in the first table, “Ingredients and Physical Functions”. The following table’s compare other multi-supplements to Max Health and the final table shows the value of Max Health through the comparison of a supplement that enhances only 1 function. All in all, it’s a win win for everyone as Max Health is able to use its special formula to enhance multiple functions while retaining Max value. Also, all red indicates insufficient amounts to be clinically useful via published studies cited in the research pdf.

Ingredients and Physical Functions

MaxHealth Ingredients

Multi-Vitamin Comparison

Centrum Silver Men 50+


Eye Supplement Comparison

Bausch + Lomb Ocuvite


Value Comparison




Centrum Silver Men 50+, Airborne, and Ocuvite+Multi Ingredients



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