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Welcome to Plante’s Innovations a family company operated by myself, Andrew Plante. As a Civil Engineering student and entrepreneur our company is built on a solid foundation of true work ethics, company transparency and Christian values.

Plante’s Innovations was formed with the idea to provide the consumer market with diverse and innovative products. Our products are not related to each other except for the fact they are high quality as our process includes specific research, thoughtful design, precision manufacturing, and quality testing. Our products are made using only long lasting, durable materials, yet priced to remain affordable. In addition, we continue to assess the market for opportunities to create new products and to improve our existing lines.

My endeavor would not be possible without the help and knowledge of my family and friends, namely, my father, Paul Plante who is extremely supportive in guiding me along the path. I truly look forward to enhancing your experience and supporting your endeavors with our products!

Thank you and God Bless!





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