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On top of all this, Reel Spearin’ is formed from a very strong, lightweight, polycarbonate plastic housing and spool. The line within Reel Spearin’ is a 600lb test braided Dyneema line connected to a 350lb Stainless-Steel Ball Bearing Snap Swivel. The Dyneema line is highly resistant to abrasive conditions like wrecks, coral reefs, metal structures, or any other spearfishing environment. Also, the Snap Swivel allows for an easy disconnect and connect to throw on your spare shaft and the Ball Bearings within the Snap Swivel allow the fish/shaft to effortlessly rotate further reducing any tangles. The mounting bracket is a sleek strong design made from High Density Polyethylene, a typical cutting board material. HDPE is super strong and will not rust. Lastly, it connects the Reel to the Gun with multiple Stainless-Steel Screws and Bolts for ultimate sturdiness.

As you can tell Reel Spearin’ is made with only the best components and it has been in testing for a number of years and has thoroughly proved itself. Reel Spearin’ is extremely resistant to rust and has the strength capability to take on your record fish dreams! Once you try Reel Spearin’ you will not want to return to the traditional wrap around system as it allows a much more enjoyable spearfishing experience. So, get Reel about spearfishing and get Reel Spearin’!





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